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Monday, April 20, 2015


 Blue was delivered on April 9th. The trainer stayed in town for 4 days to settle her in and will be back in a month or two to fine tune her. 
She is just 10 months old, so we are keeping in mind that she is still a puppy! She is gorgeous, sweet and pretty affectionate when the boys need her to be. True to the German Shepherd breed, she is constantly aware of her surroundings and is very happy to please, with a little hint of shenanigans here and there to keep her fun! She has ripped to shreds a few cute stuffed toys we had for her arrival and is pretty good at hiding her squeaky balls too. She loves the
Himalayan Yak Sticks, Bully Sticks and of course, all her yummy treats. Blue knows Leave It, Come, Wait, Down, Heel, Okay, Nine, Check Your Boy, Sit and Break very well! Brett and Brynn have bonded really well with her. They both spend time playing with her and take part in her training as well. Abigail even got in on the training and played a special game with Blue. She has done well with adjusting to our family routine and we have done well adjusting the household to having her home! I know some of you are not on facebook so here are some photos for you to enjoy of our beautiful girl Blue. We are so happy she is home, and look forward to the journey with her!           

Yes, BLUE DOES!!! :) Many thanks to National Seizure Disorders Foundation for sponsoring Blue and enabling us to receive donations through their nonprofit status.

*God is still God and God is so good!*

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